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Healthy Start
Home Visitor Services

Jo Ross is our Healthy Start Coordinator. If you are interested in visiting with Jo please call the Health Department at 620-873-8745.

You are welcome to set up a meeting either at your home or at the Health Department, whichever works best for you.


The Healthy Start Home Visitor Program

The HSHV program is a free program which provides in home visits to expectant and new parents in Meade County. During a scheduled visit, the HSV (Healthy Start Visitor) will, provide emotional support and education to help you have a  healthy pregnancy and information on becoming a parent. The Home visitor can also refer expectant mothers to community services. A post partum visit can be scheduled soon after the baby is born to answer questions and address any concerns you may have about your newborn.

Our home visitor can make referrals and give you information on other community services to help you have the healthiest family possible, including:  

  • Prenatal and postpartum health information 

  • Infant Care 

  • Reducing the risk of infant death and injury 

  • Supplemental food for women, infants and children (WIC) 

  • Help with breast feeding and loaning of breast pumps 

  • Car seat requirements and proper use 

  • Planning for child care, if needed 

  • Child developmental services 

  • Safety in the home 

  • Family relationships  

  • Life-style change programs – smoking cessation, alcohol and drug abuse, etc. 

  • Financial help – emergency food, food stamps, health care and emergency assistance 

  • Women’s Health Clinics 

  • Adult education – GED, high school diploma, how to speak English

    For more information call us at (620)873-8745 & check out the HSHV website.


    The Text4baby service includes over 250 messages with the most critical information that experts want pregnant women and moms with infants under one to know. These messages are tailored to where you are in your pregnancy and your baby's age. The comprehensive set of messages address:

    •    Prenatal Care
    •    Safe sleep
    •    Immunization   
    •    Breastfeeding
    •    Nutrition
    •    Oral Health
    •    Immunization
    •    Family Violence
    •    Physical Activity
    •    Safety
    •    Injury Prevention
    •    Mental Health
    •    Substance Abuse
    •    Developmental Milestones
    •    Labor & Delivery
    •    Car Seat Safety
    •    Exercise

    Women who sign up at any point during pregnancy receive a “starter pack” with six messages containing critical information and encouragement to connect to care.

    The messages will continue throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s first year. After your baby turns one, you will receive urgent alerts and breaking news roughly on a monthly basis.

    These messages are FREE for most carriers. For more information or sign up follow this link: Text4baby

For the nursing mother...

The Meade County Health Department also has a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. She is available to assist and answer any questions you may have concerning breastfeeding. If wanted she will also make a home visit and assist you to provide you and your baby the best experience possible.

Breast milk is very important to aid in the growth of your baby. It provides nutrients that are important for your baby. If you are interested in talking to our Breastfeeding Peer Counselor or have her make a visit feel free to call the Health Department and they will help you get in contact with her. (620-873-8745)

Your family is important and we want your experience as a parent and family to be fulfilling.

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